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Why our systems are different

IAM specializes in providing full turn-key computer systems for people with disabilities.  Our state-of-the-art systems are custom built to match the needs of the individual, with all ordered hardware and software installed and configured before delivery. We also guarantee compatibility with the adaptive technology.

But we won’t sell you what you don’t want! Want 5-speaker surround sound? Not a problem. DON’T want 5-speaker surround sound? That’s not a problem either. You can have two satellite stereo speakers or stereo speakers build right into the “box” – with a volume control and headset jack all conveniently located just above the DVD drive.

When you call for your quote or to order you will be asked a few questions:

By engaging you in a conversation about your ideas on what you want and what you might use it for, we will be better able to build the system that is just right for you!

Are you a novice and all these questions only confuse you more? We will gladly discuss these and many other options in detail with you.

Warranty and Service policy information

Visit our warranty page for Warranty and Extended Service Agreement information.

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