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Here are some of our most popular products.  If you don't see what you are looking for - call us!


Blindness & Low Vision Products

Magnification/Screen Reading Software

Video magnification/ screen reader software enlarges text by area, window or screen. The package usually includes a screen review module which, when combined with a speech synthesizer or SoundBlaster compatible sound card, speaks the information displayed on the screen.


Screen Reading Software

When combined with a synthesizer, screen review software speaks the contents of the screen to the user and allows the blind operator to navigate around the Windows environment with the keyboard.  This technology is used by people who do not have enough functional vision to read the computer screen.


Portable Notetakers & Organizers

Portable Notetakers are portable devices designed to replace a notebook and pen. These devices come in a variety of configurations but all have the option for speech output with a speaker and headset jack. Options might include a QWERTY or Braille keyboard, a braille display, proprietary operating systems and features such as calendar, address book, clock, and more.


Braille Displays

Designed to fit under the keyboard, a braille display gives a line by line representation of the contents of the screen to the braille user. These are invaluable to those with hearing difficulties or in situations where speech is not appropriate such as large spreadsheets or computer programming.


Braille Embossers (Printers) and Translation Software

Braille embossers range from the simple to the robust. From small, relatively inexpensive models that have limited features to more expensive models that might include options such as interpoint braille, single sheet feeder, or faster throughput.  Braille Translation software formats electronic documents into a format suitable for use with braille embossers.


CCTV Systems & Portable Magnifiers

Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) systems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, designed to meet an individual's needs. From compact, hand-held magnifiers to full-size units with full motion tables, these devices can magnify from 2 times to 16 times! Features may include reverse video, line markers, and masking, computer compatibility or a separate camera unit for maximum flexibility.

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Reading (OCR) software for Blindness & Low Vision

OCR software designed for the blind, when combined with a scanner, turns text into speech. With an intuitive user interface, fast and accurate character recognition, file management capabilities, and voice synthesis, it is a powerful reading tool.

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Learning Disabilities


Reading and OCR (optical character recognition) software assists people with learning disabilities to read,  write, and understand written information effectively.  This type of software helps the user interpret electronic or print information by reading it out loud, helping to organize thoughts, and presenting the information in the way that the user learns best.




Ergonomics refers to products (hardware or software) that modify some aspect of computer use for individuals with physical issues that prevent them from interacting with the computer through the use of the standard keyboard and mouse.  The ergonomics industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years and there are thousands of "ergonomic" products available.  Here we list only a sampling of our most popular products.  If you don't see what you are looking for, or if you are not sure what you need - call us!

Custom-Built Computers
Visit the Computer Systems page for information on our custom-built computers.

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